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Owners- Jetti & Tamara

Mia Dining & Wine cellar is the reflection of what we believe and what we are passionate about.
All or nothing. It’s a complete dining experience.
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Head Chef Chad Posey

Chef Chad Posey, born and raised in the United States has gained wide knowledge and international experience from some of the best kitchens in Up State, New York, including Yono’s, Albany, New York, Mio Posto, Up State New York Etc, where he learnt from his mentors / Chef’s like Mark Graham, Danny Urschel, Yono Purnomo & Jamie Ortiz.

Chad has a huge respect and appreciation for NZ Cuisine and our culture. His knowledge of culinary arts is broad and well rounded. Our A la Carte and Tasting menus reflect Chef Chad’s love for fresh local produce and the land from where it comes.

The focus is on a clean, simple and uncomplicated approach towards Modern, innovative and creative New Zealand Cuisine. Chad loves New Zealand, and has now made New Zealand home. He is truly committed to making MIA Made In Aotearoa Dining a truly memorable wine and dine destination while focusing on quality local ingredients hoping to help make NZ food internationally recognized.