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Our Story

MIA ‘Made In Aotearoa’ Dining & Wine Cellar which opened in 5th December 2015 is owned by Jetti Walker + Tamara Dunlop.

We serve modern, creative and innovative New Zealand food with genuine thoughtful hospitality. We offer A La Carte and Two Tasting Menus: Flora, Vegetarian Tasting Menu; and Fauna, Seafood & Meat Chef’s Tasting Menus, which is ever changing keeping up with freshness, seasonality & availability.

Our Values & Principles

A place which serves more than just food and beverage

Made in Aotearoa “Land of the long white cloud” 

At MIA, we are constantly creating a respectful harmony between the land, earth and sea of Aotearoa conveyed through our Wine and Food with genuine thoughtful hospitality.
Today, every one of us can cook a meal and share the love over a table at home. Mum and Dad’s food which we all were brought up on is a challenging task to take on. It takes a great deal of work and effort for our team to come up with not just a dish, but also how we deliver it in an intimate dining space without being pretentious. It is a constant battle to get the right product from the best producers from New Zealand who has a story which we together can narrate on a plate or a table. Our producers understand the high standards we set ourselves to provide a special dining experience for our guests no matter what the occasion is.
We believe it’s not just the food / wine or the quality product we use from the best producers, but it’s the team's desire, love, passion & commitment which makes our guest dining experience truly unique. At Mia, wine and food comes together passionately to ensure our guests needs and demands are fulfilled.

Our Genuine Hospitality

From the start, we have been on a journey to delight every person who enters our door with genuine hospitality. Fulfilling a guests simple needs has always posed a challenge. For one visitor, it’s a reception – and a welcome that makes her/him feel like royalty. For another, it’s discovering a hidden garden or a quite romantic seat. For other, it’s a private space for business meeting. For few it’s a party space or a cocktail bar. To some, its small touches that few others notice – the warmth of a gesture, the extra care in simple things. For a lot, it’s the quality of food and wine with fine service.

Whoever the person and what the occasion, we truly understand your reason for joining us. At Mia dining we can only ensure you a highest level of service.
We aim to make MIA Dining experience personal for diners. Our guest is a part of our business, we’re not doing a favour by serving him/her, they are doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so.
All our team choose to work at MIA Dining because of the standards we set for ourselves and their wellness to surround themselves with passionate people who love Hospitality industry and share the same values and principals of our establishments. Our passion is to learn and we are all gifted with an ability to learn and imparting it on our guests is our true pleasure.


Te Koha "The Gift" is a Charity Fundraising Event to create a Scholarship Fund with ServiceIQ, giving the opportunity for Hospitality Stars in the community to further their career and skills with work based training, with all costs covered.

Our Mission is to nurture, create and build a team of young professionals every year which we all need to keep our New Zealand Hospitality Industry sustainable. We plan on achieving this by working together as a team and offering regular on-going work based training with an opportunity for students to complete Level 3 & 4 New Zealand Certificates in Hospitality on-site.



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