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Our outlook on food is a personal approach to local, seasonal ingredients. We use local vendors, discussing what is fresh and available in person each day to plan that night’s menu. Allowing the food to be in control of the menu and staying true to what New Zealand has to offer. We scratch make everything, buying ingredients and not products. Expect something different on each visit.

Chefs Tasting Menu    Vegetarian Tasting Menu    A La Carte
Our menu is designed for you to sit back, relax, enjoy and choose from an A La Carte menu or leave to our Head Chef and the kitchen team to come up with something to suit your palate.

Four Course $82.00 Per person
$114.00 Per person with Wine Match

Five Course $92.00 Per person
$132.00 Per person with Wine Match

Six Course $99.00 Per person
$147.00 Per person with Wine Match

Please Note: Prices are based on dishes per person, not per table.
To provide all guests in a party the same dining experience, all guests on one table are required to choose the same menu option.

Aotearoa – we proudly support our local friends, thank you for your support- Anita Essential Asian Ingredients (Greens & other) Bidfood New Zealand (Whole sale food distributors) Cloudy Bay Clams (Clams) Fresh As (Freeze dried ingredients) Goodman Fielder (Dairy products) Marlborough Garlic (Garlic Noir, Garlic, Shallots) Moana New Zealand (Oysters) Ora King Salmon (Ora king salmon) Premium Game (Meat) Silver Fern Farms (Lamb, Beef and Venison) Solander Maritime (Fresh Fish / Kaimoana) Taylor Pass Honey Co. (Honey) Thyme bank (Fresh Greens) Uncle Joes (Nuts, Nut spreads, Seed oils) ViaVio (Cheese) Wangapeka (Cheese) Westmeat (Meat).


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